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In Trends in parasitology ; h5-index 48.0

Digital data (internet queries, page views, social media posts, images) are accumulating online at increasing rates. Tools for compiling these data and extracting their metadata are now readily available. We highlight the possibilities and limitations of internet data to reveal patterns in host-parasite interactions and encourage parasitologists to embrace iParasitology.

Poulin Robert, Bennett Jerusha, Filion Antoine, Bhattarai Upendra Raj, Chai Xuhong, de Angeli Dutra Daniela, Donlon Erica, Doherty Jean-François, Jorge Fátima, Milotic Marin, Park Eunji, Sabadel Amandine, Thomas Leighton J


Google searches, citizen science, crowdsourcing, digital data, machine learning, social media