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In Journal of stroke and cerebrovascular diseases : the official journal of National Stroke Association

BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE : The importance of environmental factors for stroke patients to achieve home discharge was not scientifically proven. There are limited studies on the application of the decision tree algorithm with various functional and environmental variables to identify stroke patients with a high possibility of home discharge. The present study aimed to identify the factors, including functional and environmental factors, affecting home discharge after stroke inpatient rehabilitation using the machine learning method.

METHOD : This was a cohort study on data from the maintained database of all patients with stroke who were admitted to the convalescence rehabilitation ward of our facility. In total, 1125 stroke patients were investigated. We developed three classification and regression tree (CART) models to identify the possibility of home discharge after inpatient rehabilitation.

RESULTS : Among three models, CART model incorporating basic information, functional factor, and environmental factor variables achieved the highest accuracy for identification of home discharge. This model identified FIM dressing of the upper body (score of ≤2 or >2) as the first single discriminator for home discharge. Performing house renovation was associated with a high possibility of home discharge even in patients with stroke who had a poor FIM score in the ability to dress the upper body (≤2) at admission into the convalescence rehabilitation ward. Interestingly, many patients who performed house renovation have achieved home discharge regardless of the degree of lower limb paralysis.

CONCLUSION : We identified the influential factors for realizing home discharge using the decision tree algorithm, including environmental factors, in patients with convalescent stroke.

Imura Takeshi, Iwamoto Yuji, Inagawa Tetsuji, Imada Naoki, Tanaka Ryo, Toda Haruki, Inoue Yu, Araki Hayato, Araki Osamu


Decision tree algorithm, Environmental factors, Home discharge, Stroke