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In Data in brief

This article presents a database which was obtained by acquiring measurements through a multisensory device called Electronic Nose (E-nose) based on a matrix of metal oxide sensors, in order to discriminate and classify a group of people affected by the respiratory disease Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), smokers and healthy control people through exhaled breath analysis. The database consists of 4 groups of measurements which were acquired through the E-nose system: 10 control samples (healthy people), 20 samples of people with COPD, 4 samples of smokers and 10 air samples, where in each group two samples of exhaled breath per person were acquired giving a total of 78 samples (40 from COPD, 20 from control, 8 from smokers and 10 from the air).

Durán Acevedo Cristhian Manuel, Cuastumal Vasquez Carlos A, Carrillo Gómez Jeniffer Katerine


COPD, Electronic nose, Exhaled breath, Gas sensor, Machine learning