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ArXiv Preprint

The widespread of fake news and misinformation in various domains ranging from politics, economics to public health has posed an urgent need to automatically fact-check information. A recent trend in fake news detection is to utilize evidence from external sources. However, existing evidence-aware fake news detection methods focused on either only word-level attention or evidence-level attention, which may result in suboptimal performance. In this paper, we propose a Hierarchical Multi-head Attentive Network to fact-check textual claims. Our model jointly combines multi-head word-level attention and multi-head document-level attention, which aid explanation in both word-level and evidence-level. Experiments on two real-word datasets show that our model outperforms seven state-of-the-art baselines. Improvements over baselines are from 6\% to 18\%. Our source code and datasets are released at \texttt{\url{}}.

Nguyen Vo, Kyumin Lee