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In Scientometrics

Over the last dozen years, the topic of small and medium enterprise (SME) default prediction has developed into a relevant research domain that has grown for important reasons exponentially across multiple disciplines, including finance, management, accounting, and statistics. Motivated by the enormous toll on SMEs caused by the 2007-2009 global financial crisis as well as the recent COVID-19 crisis and the consequent need to develop new SME default predictors, this paper provides a systematic literature review, based on a statistical, bibliometric analysis, of over 100 peer-reviewed articles published on SME default prediction modelling over a 34-year period, 1986 to 2019. We identified, analysed and reviewed five streams of research and suggest a set of future research avenues to help scholars and practitioners address the new challenges and emerging issues in a changing economic environment. The research agenda proposes some new innovative approaches to capture and exploit new data sources using modern analytical techniques, like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and macro-data inputs, with the aim of providing enhanced predictive results.

Ciampi Francesco, Giannozzi Alessandro, Marzi Giacomo, Altman Edward I


Bankruptcy, Bibliometric analysis, Credit risk, Credit scoring, Default prediction, Failure, Rating, Risk prediction, SME survival, SMEs, Systematic literature review, VOSviewer