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In Personal and ubiquitous computing

Stroke patients under the background of the new crown epidemic need to be home-based care. However, traditional nursing methods cannot take care of the patients' lives in all aspects. Based on this, based on machine learning algorithms, our work combines regression models and SVM to build a smart wearable device system and builds a system prediction module to predict patient care needs. The node is used to collect human body motion and physiological parameter information and transmit data wirelessly. The software is used to quickly process and analyze the various motion and physiological parameters of the patient and save the analysis and processing structure in the database. By comparing the results of nursing intervention experiments, we can see that the smart wearable device designed in this paper has a certain effect in stroke care.

Li Fengxia, Tao Zhimin, Li Ruiling, Qu Zhi


Epidemic, Machine learning, New coronary pneumonia, Stroke, Wearable devices