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In NPJ digital medicine

The Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) presents open questions in how we clinically diagnose and assess disease course. Recently, chest computed tomography (CT) has shown utility for COVID-19 diagnosis. In this study, we developed Deep COVID DeteCT (DCD), a deep learning convolutional neural network (CNN) that uses the entire chest CT volume to automatically predict COVID-19 (COVID+) from non-COVID-19 (COVID-) pneumonia and normal controls. We discuss training strategies and differences in performance across 13 international institutions and 8 countries. The inclusion of non-China sites in training significantly improved classification performance with area under the curve (AUCs) and accuracies above 0.8 on most test sites. Furthermore, using available follow-up scans, we investigate methods to track patient disease course and predict prognosis.

Lee Edward H, Zheng Jimmy, Colak Errol, Mohammadzadeh Maryam, Houshmand Golnaz, Bevins Nicholas, Kitamura Felipe, Altinmakas Emre, Reis Eduardo Pontes, Kim Jae-Kwang, Klochko Chad, Han Michelle, Moradian Sadegh, Mohammadzadeh Ali, Sharifian Hashem, Hashemi Hassan, Firouznia Kavous, Ghanaati Hossien, Gity Masoumeh, Doğan Hakan, Salehinejad Hojjat, Alves Henrique, Seekins Jayne, Abdala Nitamar, Atasoy Çetin, Pouraliakbar Hamidreza, Maleki Majid, Wong S Simon, Yeom Kristen W