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In Seminars in nuclear medicine ; h5-index 30.0

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an overarching term for a multitude of technologies which are currently being discussed and introduced in several areas of medicine and in medical imaging specifically. There is, however, limited literature and information about how AI techniques can be integrated into the design of clinical imaging trials. This article will present several aspects of AI being used in trials today and how imaging departments and especially nuclear medicine departments can prepare themselves to be at the forefront of AI-driven clinical trials. Beginning with some basic explanation on AI techniques currently being used and existing challenges of its implementation, it will also cover the logistical prerequisites which have to be in place in nuclear medicine departments to participate successfully in AI-driven clinical trials.

Delso Gaspar, Cirillo Davide, Kaggie Joshua D, Valencia Alfonso, Metser Ur, Veit-Haibach Patrick