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In Frontiers in molecular biosciences

Cryo-electron Tomography (cryo-ET) generates 3D visualization of cellular organization that allows biologists to analyze cellular structures in a near-native state with nano resolution. Recently, deep learning methods have demonstrated promising performance in classification and segmentation of macromolecule structures captured by cryo-ET, but training individual deep learning models requires large amounts of manually labeled and segmented data from previously observed classes. To perform classification and segmentation in the wild (i.e., with limited training data and with unseen classes), novel deep learning model needs to be developed to classify and segment unseen macromolecules captured by cryo-ET. In this paper, we develop a one-shot learning framework, called cryo-ET one-shot network (COS-Net), for simultaneous classification of macromolecular structure and generation of the voxel-level 3D segmentation, using only one training sample per class. Our experimental results on 22 macromolecule classes demonstrated that our COS-Net could efficiently classify macromolecular structures with small amounts of samples and produce accurate 3D segmentation at the same time.

Zhou Bo, Yu Haisu, Zeng Xiangrui, Yang Xiaoyan, Zhang Jing, Xu Min


attention, cryo-ET, macromolecular segmentation, macromolecule classification, one shot learning