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In Frontiers in robotics and AI

Computer Tomography (CT) is an imaging procedure that combines many X-ray measurements taken from different angles. The segmentation of areas in the CT images provides a valuable aid to physicians and radiologists in order to better provide a patient diagnose. The CT scans of a body torso usually include different neighboring internal body organs. Deep learning has become the state-of-the-art in medical image segmentation. For such techniques, in order to perform a successful segmentation, it is of great importance that the network learns to focus on the organ of interest and surrounding structures and also that the network can detect target regions of different sizes. In this paper, we propose the extension of a popular deep learning methodology, Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN), by including deep supervision and attention gates. Our experimental evaluation shows that the inclusion of attention and deep supervision results in consistent improvement of the tumor prediction accuracy across the different datasets and training sizes while adding minimal computational overhead.

Turečková Alžběta, Tureček Tomáš, Komínková Oplatková Zuzana, Rodríguez-Sánchez Antonio


CNN, UNet, VNet, attention gates, deep supervision, medical image segmentation, organ segmentation, tumor segmentation