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In Entropy (Basel, Switzerland)

Biconvex programming (or inequality constrained biconvex optimization) is an important model in solving many engineering optimization problems in areas like machine learning and signal and information processing. In this paper, the partial exactness of the partial optimum for the penalty function of biconvex programming is studied. The penalty function is partially exact if the partial Karush-Kuhn-Tucker (KKT) condition is true. The sufficient and necessary partially local stability condition used to determine whether the penalty function is partially exact for a partial optimum solution is also proven. Based on the penalty function, an algorithm is presented for finding a partial optimum solution to an inequality constrained biconvex optimization, and its convergence is proven under some conditions.

Jiang Min, Meng Zhiqing, Shen Rui


biconvex programming, partial exactness, partial local stability, partial optimum, partially exact penalty function