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In Cancer cell ; h5-index 124.0

The application and integration of molecular profiling technologies create novel opportunities for personalized medicine. Here, we introduce the Tumor Profiler Study, an observational trial combining a prospective diagnostic approach to assess the relevance of in-depth tumor profiling to support clinical decision-making with an exploratory approach to improve the biological understanding of the disease.

Irmisch Anja, Bonilla Ximena, Chevrier Stéphane, Lehmann Kjong-Van, Singer Franziska, Toussaint Nora C, Esposito Cinzia, Mena Julien, Milani Emanuela S, Casanova Ruben, Stekhoven Daniel J, Wegmann Rebekka, Jacob Francis, Sobottka Bettina, Goetze Sandra, Kuipers Jack, Sarabia Del Castillo Jacobo, Prummer Michael, Tuncel Mustafa A, Menzel Ulrike, Jacobs Andrea, Engler Stefanie, Sivapatham Sujana, Frei Anja L, Gut Gabriele, Ficek Joanna, Miglino Nicola, Aebersold Rudolf, Bacac Marina, Beerenwinkel Niko, Beisel Christian, Bodenmiller Bernd, Dummer Reinhard, Heinzelmann-Schwarz Viola, Koelzer Viktor H, Manz Markus G, Moch Holger, Pelkmans Lucas, Snijder Berend, Theocharides Alexandre P A, Tolnay Markus, Wicki Andreas, Wollscheid Bernd, Rätsch Gunnar, Levesque Mitchell P