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In Oncotarget ; h5-index 104.0

This editorial comment explains recent developments in radiomics regarding the use of quantitative imaging biomarkers to predict lung cancer sensitivity to a variety of cancer therapies. Tumor response assessment has been a crucial component guiding cancer treatment. Evaluation of treatment response was standardized and classically based on measuring changes in tumor lesion size. Recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence pave the way for the use of radiomics in tumor response assessment. Such objective techniques would bring a remarkable transformation to conventional methods, which can be inherently subjective. Successful implementation of these technologies would allow for faster and more accurate predictions of treatment efficacy, which will be critical to the advancement of personalized medicine.

Sun Shawn, Besson Florent L, Zhao Binsheng, Schwartz Lawrence H, Dercle Laurent


computed tomography, immunotherapy, lung cancer, positron emission tomography, prognosis