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In Journal of chemical information and modeling

Proteins carry out the most fundamental processes of life such as cellular metabolism, regulation, and communication. Understanding these processes at a molecular level requires knowledge of their three-dimensional structures. Experimental techniques such as X-ray crystallography, NMR spectroscopy, and cryogenic electron microscopy can resolve protein structures but are costly and time-consuming and do not work for all proteins. Computational protein structure prediction tries to overcome these problems by predicting the structure of a new protein using existing protein structures as a resource. Here we present TopSuite, a web server for protein model quality assessment (TopScore) and template-based protein structure prediction (TopModel). TopScore provides meta-predictions for global and residue-wise model quality estimation using deep neural networks. TopModel predicts protein structures using a top-down consensus approach to aid the template selection and subsequently uses TopScore to refine and assess the predicted structures. The TopSuite Web server is freely available at

Mulnaes Daniel, Koenig Filip, Gohlke Holger