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In Scientific data

A 30 × 30m-resolution gridded dataset of forest plot identifiers was developed for the conterminous United States (CONUS) using a random forests machine-learning imputation approach. Forest plots from the US Forest Service Forest Inventory and Analysis program (FIA) were imputed to gridded c2014 landscape data provided by the LANDFIRE project using topographic, biophysical, and disturbance variables. The output consisted of a raster map of plot identifiers. From the plot identifiers, users of the dataset can link to a number of tree- and plot-level attributes stored in the accompanying tables and in the publicly available FIA DataMart, and then produce maps of any of these attributes, including number of trees per acre, tree species, and forest type. Of 67,141 FIA plots available, 62,758 of these (93.5%) were utilized at least once in imputation to 2,841,601,981 forested pixels in CONUS. Continuous high-resolution forest structure data at a national scale will be invaluable for analyzing carbon dynamics, habitat distributions, and fire effects.

Riley Karin L, Grenfell Isaac C, Finney Mark A, Wiener Jason M