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In IEEE journal of biomedical and health informatics

This article presents the hardware-software design and implementation of an open, integrated, and scalable healthcare platform oriented to multiple point-care scenarios for healthcare promotion and cardiovascular disease prevention. The platform has the capability to provide continuous monitoring, extended device integration, strategies based on artificial intelligence for the information analysis and cybersecurity support, delivering a secure end-to-end hardware-software solution. This platform is used to perform the remote patient health monitoring and supervision by doctors, triage procedures in hospitals, or self-care monitoring using personal devices such as tablets and cellphones. The proposed hardware architecture facilitates the integration of biomedical data acquired from different health-point cares, collecting relevant information for the detection of cardiovascular risk through deep-learning algorithms. All these characteristics make our development a strong tool to perform epidemiological profiling and future implementation of strategies for comprehensive cardiovascular risk intervention. The components of the platform are described, and their main functionalities are highlighted.

Gomez-Garcia Carlos Andres, Askar-Rodriguez Miguel Angel, Velasco-Medina Jaime