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In Herzschrittmachertherapie & Elektrophysiologie

Big data and applications of artificial intelligence (AI), such as machine learning or deep learning, will enrich healthcare in the future and become increasingly important. Among other things, they have the potential to avoid unnecessary examinations as well as diagnostic and therapeutic errors. They could enable improved, early and accelerated decision-making. In the article, the authors provide an overview of current AI-based applications in cardiology. The examples describe innovative solutions for risk assessment, diagnosis and therapy support up to patient self-management. Big data and AI serve as a basis for efficient, predictive, preventive and personalised medicine. However, the examples also show that research is needed to further develop the solutions for the benefit of the patient and the medical profession, to demonstrate the effectiveness and benefits in health care and to establish legal and ethical standards.

Zippel-Schultz Bettina, Schultz Carsten, Müller-Wieland Dirk, Remppis Andrew B, Stockburger Martin, Perings Christian, Helms Thomas M


Acceptance, Big data, Decision-making support, Risk assessment, Self-management