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In Journal of gastroenterology and hepatology ; h5-index 51.0

Artificial intelligence (AI) applications in health care have exponentially increased in recent years, and a few of these are related to pancreatobiliary disorders. AI-based methods were applied to extract information, in prognostication, to guide clinical treatment decisions and in pancreatobiliary endoscopy to characterize lesions. AI applications in endoscopy are expected to reduce inter-operator variability, improve the accuracy of diagnosis, and assist in therapeutic decision-making in real time. AI-based literature must however be interpreted with caution given the limited external validation. A multidisciplinary approach combining clinical and imaging or endoscopy data will better utilize AI-based technologies to further improve patient care.

Akshintala Venkata S, Khashab Mouen A


Biliary, Endoscopy, Neoplasms < gastroenterology, Pancreas < gastroenterology, Pancreatobiliary (ERCP) < gastroenterology