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In Ultrasonic imaging

In the clinical analysis of Intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) images, the lumen size is an important indicator of coronary atherosclerosis, and is also the premise of coronary artery disease diagnosis and interventional treatment. In this study, a fully automatic method based on deep learning model and handcrafted features is presented for the detection of the lumen borders in IVUS images. First, 193 handcrafted features are extracted from the IVUS images. Then hybrid feature vectors are constructed by combining handcrafted features with 64 high-level features extracted from U-Net. In order to obtain the feature subsets with larger contribution, we employ the extended binary cuckoo search for feature selection. Finally, the selected 36-dimensional hybrid feature subset is used to classify the test images using dictionary learning based on kernel sparse coding. The proposed algorithm is tested on the publicly available dataset and evaluated using three indicators. Through ablation experiments, mean value of the experimental results (Jaccard: 0.88, Hausdorff distance: 0.36, Percentage of the area difference: 0.06) prove to be effective improving lumen border detection. Furthermore, compared with the recent methods used on the same dataset, the proposed method shows good performance and high accuracy.

Li Kai, Tong Jijun, Zhu Xinjian, Xia Shudong


deep learning, dictionary learning, feature selection, intravascular ultrasound image, lumen border detection