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In Pharmacy (Basel, Switzerland)

People generally need more support as they grow older to maintain healthy and active lifestyles. Older people living with chronic conditions are particularly dependent on healthcare services. Yet, in an increasingly digital society, there is a danger that efforts to drive innovations in eHealth will neglect the needs of those who depend on healthcare the most-our ageing population. The SHAPES (Smart and Healthy Ageing through People Engaging in Supportive Systems) Innovation Action aims to create an open European digital platform that facilitates the provision of meaningful, holistic support to older people living independently. A pan-European pilot campaign will evaluate a catalogue of digital solutions hosted on the platform that have been specifically adapted for older people. 'Medicines control and optimisation' is one of seven themes being explored in the campaign and will investigate the impact of digital solutions that aim to optimise medicines use by way of fostering effective self-management, while facilitating timely intervention by clinicians based on remote monitoring and individualised risk assessments powered by artificial intelligence. If successful, the SHAPES Innovation Action will lead to a greater sense of self-sufficiency and empowerment in people living with chronic conditions as they grow older.

Spargo Maureen, Goodfellow Nicola, Scullin Claire, Grigoleit Sonja, Andreou Andreas, Mavromoustakis Constandinos X, Guerra Bárbara, Manso Marco, Larburu Nekane, Villacañas Óscar, Fleming Glenda, Scott Michael


digital solutions, medicines management, patient safety, remote monitoring