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In Digital biomarkers

Artificial intelligence offers the promise of transforming biomedical research and helping clinicians put the "care" back in healthcare. Digital medicine is on its way to becoming just plain medicine. But who will digitize how we define health and disease? And who will deploy this knowledge to improve the lives of patients that medicine - and digital medicine - exists to serve? Here we define the emerging field of digital medicine and identify the disciplines and skills needed for success. We examine the current and projected skills gaps. We also consider the impact of the culture clash that occurs at the intersection of healthcare and technology, and the lack of diversity in the workforce of both of these fields. We conclude by describing the requirements for the skills pivot needed to ensure that the digital transformation of healthcare is successful: (1) big tent thinking to recognize the critical importance of new technical skills alongside more traditional clinical disciplines, (2) the integration of clinical and technical skill sets within educational curricula, companies, and professional institutions, and (3) a commitment to diversity that goes beyond lip service.

Goldsack Jennifer C, Zanetti Cole A


Digital health, Digital medicine, FDA, Healthcare, Healthcare equity, Med tech, Medical education