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In Data in brief

The data is related to unwanted interactions between a person and a small robotic toy based on acceleration sensor embedded within the robotic toy. Three toys were considered namely, a stuffed panda, a stuffed robot, and an excavator. Each toy was embedded with an accelerometer to record the interactions. Five different unwanted interactions were performed by adult participants and children. The considered interactions were hit, shake, throw, pickup, drop, and idle for the no interaction case. The collected data contains the magnitude of the resultant acceleration from the interactions. The data was processed by extracting the instances of interactions. A secondary dataset was created from the original one by creating artificial sequences. This data article contains the processed data that can be used to explore different machine learning models and techniques in classifying such interactions. Online repository contains the files:

Alhaddad Ahmad Yaser, Cabibihan John-John, Bonarini Andrea


Acceleration, Human-robot interaction, Safety, Social robots