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In Journal of personalized medicine

With an increased number of medical data generated every day, there is a strong need for reliable, automated evaluation tools. With high hopes and expectations, machine learning has the potential to revolutionize many fields of medicine, helping to make faster and more correct decisions and improving current standards of treatment. Today, machines can analyze, learn, communicate, and understand processed data and are used in health care increasingly. This review explains different models and the general process of machine learning and training the algorithms. Furthermore, it summarizes the most useful machine learning applications and tools in different branches of medicine and health care (radiology, pathology, pharmacology, infectious diseases, personalized decision making, and many others). The review also addresses the futuristic prospects and threats of applying artificial intelligence as an advanced, automated medicine tool.

Koteluk Oliwia, Wartecki Adrian, Mazurek Sylwia, Kołodziejczak Iga, Mackiewicz Andrzej


algorithm, artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, data mining, data processing, decision making, machine learning, medicine, personalized medicine, personalized treatment