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In Biomarkers in medicine

Aim: This study aims to identify novel marker to predict biochemical recurrence (BCR) in prostate cancer patients after radical prostatectomy with negative surgical margin. Materials & methods: The Cancer Genome Atlas database, Gene Expression Omnibus database and Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia database were employed. The ensemble support vector machine-recursive feature elimination method was performed to select crucial gene for BCR. Results: We identified MYLK as a novel and independent biomarker for BCR in The Cancer Genome Atlas training cohort and confirmed in four independent Gene Expression Omnibus validation cohorts. Multi-omic analysis suggested that MYLK was a DNA methylation-driven gene. Additionally, MYLK had significant positive correlations with immune infiltrations. Conclusion:MYLK was identified and validated as a novel, robust and independent biomarker for BCR in prostate cancer.

Qiao Peng, Zhang Di, Zeng Song, Wang Yicun, Wang Biao, Hu Xiaopeng


biochemical recurrence, bioinformatics analysis, biomarker, prostate cancer