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Urbanization of global populations with augmented and convenient living standards of people are driving towards techno-enabled and sustainable smart cities in the future. With this, technology plays a key role in making the existing cities smart and intelligent in a way that the citizens are being served better and safer. Over the past 1-decade, the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in different sectors like Environment, Education, Healthcare, etc. is well-supporting the idea of Global Digitalization and Smart Cities. In this paper, we highlight and discuss the multiple sectors where the AI approach is expected to grow to make a Global Smart City. Further, the paper contributes to presenting the AI approach for urban and rural India using AI-enabled drones. For Urban India, we discuss how and where the AI can be used to make urban India smart and sustainable. Lastly, the paper contributes to exposing the challenges faced by rural India and giving a wholesome approach to integrating AI into different sectors for rural enhancement and upliftment.

Mehta Purnima Lala, Kalra Ramneek, Prasad Ramjee


Artificial intelligence, Global digitalization, Rural India, Smart cities, Urban India