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In Dermatologic therapy

Teledermoscopy is a novel diagnostic tool for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of skin disease when direct visualization of lesions is difficult. It is an economically viable option that can complement telehealth visits and that providers can utilize to identify melanocytic lesions and optimize care with diagnostic accuracy comparable to FTF diagnosis. Teledermoscopy is invaluable in monitoring chronic conditions that require frequent follow-up and treatment optimization. Inclusion of clinical and dermoscopic images has been shown to improve the diagnostic accuracy of teledermatology services, thereby reducing healthcare costs. Teledermoscopy is also non-discriminatory, as diagnostic accuracy is similar in lighter and darker skin types. It has been shown to improve patient access to specialty services and reduce the number of "no-shows" at FTF clinics and length of surgery waiting times. Mobile teledermoscopy is user-friendly, feasible, and economically viable, as inexpensive mobile dermatoscopes have emerged on the market to reduce consumer out-of-pocket costs. Research is limited on teledermoscopy's utility in diagnosing pre-cancerous and cancerous skin lesions in adults, particularly complex pigmented lesions. Further research is recommended to investigate the role of dermoscopic expertise and artificial intelligence on the evaluation of teledermoscopic images. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.

Uppal Shelley K, Beer Jacob, Hadeler Edward, Gitlow Howard, Nouri Keyvan


dermoscopy, teledermatology, teledermoscopy, telehealth, telemedicine