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In Praxis

Artificial Intelligence in Radiology - Definition, Potential and Challenges Abstract. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is omnipresent. It has neatly permeated our daily life, even if we are not always fully aware of its ubiquitous presence. The healthcare sector in particular is experiencing a revolution which will change our daily routine considerably in the near future. Due to its advanced digitization and its historical technical affinity radiology is especially prone to these developments. But what exactly is AI and what makes AI so potent that established medical disciplines such as radiology worry about their future job perspectives? What are the assets of AI in radiology today - and what are the major challenges? This review article tries to give some answers to these questions.

Baessler Bettina


Artificial Intelligence, Bildgebung, Deep Learning, Intelligence artificielle, K√ľnstliche Intelligenz, Radiologie, apprentissage machine, apprentissage profond, deep learning, imagerie, imaging, machine learning, maschinelles Lernen, radiologie, radiology