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In Drug discovery today ; h5-index 68.0

Stroke ranks as the second leading cause of death across the globe. Despite advances in stroke therapeutics, no US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved drugs that can minimize neuronal injury and restore neurological function are clinically available. Ferroptosis, a regulated iron-dependent form of nonapoptotic cell death, has been shown to contribute to stroke-mediated neuronal damage. Inhibitors of ferroptosis have also been validated in several stroke models of ischemia or intracerebral hemorrhage. Herein, we review the therapeutic activity of inhibitors of ferroptosis in stroke models. We further summarize previously reported neuroprotectants that show protective effects in stroke models that have been recently validated as ferroptosis inhibitors. These findings reveal new mechanisms for neuroprotection and highlight the importance of ferroptosis during stroke processes.

Jin Yizhen, Zhuang Yuxin, Liu Mei, Che Jinxin, Dong Xiaowu