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In Nature methods ; h5-index 152.0

We have developed a miniature two-photon microscope equipped with an axial scanning mechanism and a long-working-distance miniature objective to enable multi-plane imaging over a volume of 420 × 420 × 180 μm3 at a lateral resolution of ~1 μm. Together with the detachable design that permits long-term recurring imaging, our miniature two-photon microscope can help decipher neuronal mechanisms in freely behaving animals.

Zong Weijian, Wu Runlong, Chen Shiyuan, Wu Junjie, Wang Hanbin, Zhao Zhe, Chen Guoqing, Tu Rui, Wu Danlei, Hu Yanhui, Xu Yangyang, Wang Yao, Duan Zhuoli, Wu Haitao, Zhang Yunfeng, Zhang Jue, Wang Aimin, Chen Liangyi, Cheng Heping