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In Current opinion in urology

PURPOSE OF REVIEW : There is an ongoing explosion in the amount and quality, of research in the field of Endourology. From a solid basis of systematic reviews and small, single centre trials it has been possible to design large randomised controlled trials in the UK and in the USA. This review will describe some of the more recent trials (small and large) that are helping to provide a solid evidence base for our practice in Endourology.

ONGOING STUDIES : Randomised controlled trial (RCTs) include: The Therapeutic Interventions for Stones in the Ureter (TISU), the Percutaneous nephrolithotomy, flexible Ureterorenoscopy and extracorporeal Shockwave lithotripsy for lower pole kidney stones (PURE RCTs) and the Prevention of Urinary Stones with Hydration (PUSH). Quality of life (QoL) measures and studies include: the Wisconsin Stone QoL Questionnaire, the Cambridge Renal Stone PROM, the Cambridge Ureteral Stone PROM, the Urinary stone and Intervention QoL questionnaire and the Study to Enhance Understanding of sTent-associated Symptoms (STENTS). The Core Outcome Set in Trials on treatments for Renal and UreteriC sTones (COSTRUCT) study aims to define a core outcome set to be used in future trials.

SUMMARY : On-going studies will provide higher quality evidence on the treatment of ureteric and renal stones to inform treatment decision making and guideline recommendations. They will also guide decisions relating to prevention and recurrence and give insight into the true impact of urinary stones and endourological interventions on patients' quality of life. Future studies will incorporate big data and artificial intelligence.

Donaldson James Fergus, McClinton Samuel