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In Frontiers in public health

The shudders of the COVID-19 pandemic have projected newer challenges in the healthcare domain across the world. In South American scenario, severe issues and difficulties have been noticed in areas like patient consultations, remote monitoring, medical resources, healthcare personnel etc. This work is aimed at providing a holistic view to the digital healthcare during the times of COVID-19 pandemic in South America. It includes different initiatives like mobile apps, web-platforms and intelligent analyses toward early detection and overall healthcare management. In addition to discussing briefly the key issues toward extensive implementation of eHealth paradigms, this work also sheds light on some key aspects of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things along their potential applications like clinical decision support systems and predictive risk modeling, especially in the direction of combating the emergent challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chatterjee Parag, Tesis AndreĆ­na, Cymberknop Leandro J, Armentano Ricardo L


COVID-19, artificial intelligence, healthcare, internet of things, machine learning, pandemic, ubiquitous, virtual healthcare