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In Biomedicine & pharmacotherapy = Biomedecine & pharmacotherapie

In the era of big data, massive genetic data, as a new industry, has quickly swept almost all industries, especially the pharmaceutical industry. As countries around the world start to build their own gene banks, scientists study the data to explore the origins and migration of humans. Moreover, big data encourage the development of cancer therapy and bring good news to cancer patients. Big datum has been involved in the study of many diseases, and it has been found that analyzing diseases at the gene level can lead to more beneficial treatment options than ordinary treatments. This review will introduce the development of extensive data in medical research from the perspective of big data and tumor, neurological and psychiatric diseases, cardiovascular diseases, other applications and the development direction of big data in medicine.

Liu Yanan, Li Na, Zhu Xiao, Qi Yi


Angiocardiopathy, Artificial intelligence, Cancer, Genetic big data, Neurological and psychiatric disorders, Precision medicine