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Imaging genomics refers to the establishment of the connection between invasive gene expression features and non-invasive imaging features. Tumor imaging genomics can not only understand the macroscopic phenotype of tumor, but also can deeply analyze the cellular and molecular characteristics of tumor tissue. In recent years, tumor imaging genomics has been a key in the field of medicine. The incidence of cancer in China has increased significantly, which is the main reason of disease death of urban residents. With the rapid development of imaging medicine, depending on imaging genomics, many experts have made remarkable achievements in tumor screening and diagnosis, prognosis evaluation, new treatment targets and understanding of tumor biological mechanism. This review analyzes the relationship between tumor radiology and gene expression, which provides a favorable direction for clinical staging, prognosis evaluation and accurate treatment of tumors.

Liu Zhen, Wu Kefeng, Wu Binhua, Tang Xiaoning, Yuan Huiqing, Pang Hao, Huang Yongmei, Zhu Xiao, Luo Hui, Qi Yi


Artificial intelligence, Cancer, Computed tomography, Imaging genomics, Magnetic resonance, Radiogenomics