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In Optics express

Photonic technologies are promising for solving complex tasks in artificial intelligence. In this paper, we numerically investigate decision making for solving the multi-armed bandit problem using lag synchronization of chaos in a ring laser-network configuration. We construct a laser network consisting of unidirectionally coupled semiconductor lasers, whereby spontaneous exchange of the leader-laggard relationship in the lag synchronization of chaos is observed. We succeed in solving the multi-armed bandit problems with three slot machines using lag synchronization of chaos by controlling the coupling strengths among the three lasers. Furthermore, we investigate the scalability of the proposed decision-making principle by increasing the number of slot machines and lasers. This study suggests a new direction in laser network-based decision making for future photonic intelligent functions.

Mihana Takatomo, Fujii Kiyohiro, Kanno Kazutaka, Naruse Makoto, Uchida Atsushi