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In Entropy (Basel, Switzerland)

Event-based social networks (EBSNs) are widely used to create online social groups and organize offline events for users. Activeness and loyalty are crucial characteristics of these online social groups in terms of determining the growth or inactiveness of the social groups in a specific time frame. However, there is less research on these concepts to clarify the existence of groups in event-based social networks. In this paper, we study the problem of group activeness and user loyalty to provide a novel insight into online social networks. First, we analyze the structure of EBSNs and generate features from the crawled datasets. Second, we define the concepts of group activeness and user loyalty based on a series of time windows, and propose a method to measure the group activeness. In this proposed method, we first compute a ratio of a number of events between two consecutive time windows. We then develop an association matrix to assign the activeness label for each group after several consecutive time windows. Similarly, we measure the user loyalty in terms of attended events gathered in time windows and treat loyalty as a contributive feature of the group activeness. Finally, three well-known machine learning techniques are used to verify the activeness label and to generate features for each group. As a consequence, we also find a small group of features that are highly correlated and result in higher accuracy as compared to the whole features.

Trinh Thanh, Wu Dingming, Huang Joshua Zhexue, Azhar Muhammad


EBSNs, activeness, loyalty, social networks