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In Journal of the Belgian Society of Radiology

Different times call for different measures. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to search for alternative methods to provide an annual meeting which is equally interesting and has quality. For the Belgian Society of Radiology (BSR) 2020 Annual Meeting, the sections on Abdominal Imaging, Thoracic Imaging and the Young Radiologist Section (YRS) joined forces to organize a meeting which is quite different from the ones we have organised in the past. We have chosen to create a compact - approximately 5 hour - and entirely virtual meeting with the possibility of live interaction with the speakers during the question and answer sessions. The meeting kicks off with a message from the BSR president about radiology in 2020, followed by three abdominal talks. The second session combines an abdominal talk with COVID-related talks. We have chosen to include not only thoracic findings in COVID-19, but to take it further and discuss neurological patterns, long-term clinical findings and the progress in artificial intelligence in COVID-19. Lastly, the annual meeting closes off with a short movie about the (re)discovery of Röntgens X-ray, presented to us by the Belgian Museum for Radiology, Military Hospital, Brussels.

Vanhoenacker Anne-Sophie, Grandjean Flavien, Lieven Van Hoe, Snoeckx Annemie, Vanhoenacker Piet, Oyen Raymond


2020, Annual Symposium, BSR