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In Journal of medicine and life

By changing the lifestyle and increasing the cancer incidence, accurate diagnosis becomes a significant medical action. Today, DNA microarray is widely used in cancer diagnosis and screening since it is able to measure gene expression levels. Analyzing them by using common statistical methods is not suitable because of the high gene expression data dimensions. So, this study aims to use new techniques to diagnose acute myeloid leukemia. In this study, the leukemia microarray gene data, contenting 22283 genes, was extracted from the Gene Expression Omnibus repository. Initial preprocessing was applied by using a normalization test and principal component analysis in Python. Then DNNs neural network designed and implemented to the data and finally results cross-validated by classifiers. The normalization test was significant (P>0.05) and the results show the PCA gene segregation potential and independence of cancer and healthy cells. The results accuracy for single-layer neural network and DNNs deep learning network with three hidden layers are 63.33 and 96.67, respectively. Using new methods such as deep learning can improve diagnosis accuracy and performance compared to the old methods. It is recommended to use these methods in cancer diagnosis and effective gene selection in various types of cancer.

Nazari Elham, Farzin Amir Hossein, Aghemiri Mehran, Avan Amir, Tara Mahmood, Tabesh Hamed

AML, deep learning, machine learning, microarray, neural network