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In Zhongguo yi liao qi xie za zhi = Chinese journal of medical instrumentation

OBJECTIVE : To explore the integration method and technical realization of artificial intelligence bone age assessment system with the hospital RIS-PACS network and workflow.

METHODS : Two sets of artificial intelligence based on bone age assessment systems (CHBoneAI 1.0/2.0) were developed. The intelligent system was further integrated with RIS-PACS based on the http protocol in Python flask web framework.

RESULTS : The two sets of systems were successfully integrated into the local network and RIS-PACS in hospital. The deployment has been smoothly running for nearly 3 years. Within the current network setting, it takes less than 3 s to complete bone age assessment for a single patient.

CONCLUSIONS : The artificial intelligence based bone age assessment system has been deployed in clinical RIS-PACS platform and the "running in parallel", which is marking a success of Stage-I and paving the way to Stage-II where the intelligent systems can evolve to become more powerful in particular of the system self-evolution and the "running alternatively".

Shi Lili, Yang Xiujun, Yu Guangjun, Lai Shuang, Pan Zhijun, Wang Qian


PACS, artificial intelligence, bone age, heterogeneous integration, wristdigital radiography