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In Procedia computer science

The article presents a solution supporting individualised learning in courses with a tight schedule. Such courses pose additional organisational challenges and require appropriate tools. The presented solution is based on an Intelligent Tutoring System immersed in repository of e-learning content, which enables selection of content immediately before its provision to the student instead of at the beginning of a course. Thanks to this, the system, having identified the student's needs, is able to make available the most suitable repository content at a given stage of education. The flexibility of the system is guaranteed by modularisation of content and its logical division using the UCTS taxonomy. The content has been described by means of concepts arranged according to the specificity of the domain to which the resources belong in order to ensure that the ITS is able to select relevant content. The proposed solution was used to set up an Applications of Fuzzy Logic course, which was part of an Artificial Intelligence class. The course was conducted within a very limited time frame resulting from the COVID-19 epidemic.

Marciniak Jacek, SzczepaƄski Marcin


Intelligent Tutoring Systems, content repositories, individualized learning