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In Procedia computer science

Looking back to the rumours from the early 2000's, when the world of technology bloomed together with the curiosity towards what was next to come, by 2020, robots should have assisted and supported almost every task from our daily life. While this may seem as a Sci-Fi movie scenario, it is partially a tangible reality, that we quickly got used to, thanks to the introduction of smart speakers. As the world changes, so does the future of our students. In this respects, the evolution of the technology comes up with specific environments for educational purpose. Building smart learning environments supported by e-learning platforms is an important area of research in education domain within our days. The evolution of these smart learning environments is justified by some events (Covid19) that force students to learn remotely. The paper proposes a software application component using Alexa smart speaker, that integrates different services (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Services) for a proper virtual environment platform, for both students and teachers. It addresses the main concerns of the current educational system, and provides a smart solution through the use of Artificial Intelligence based tools. The proposed approach not only achieves unifying data and knowledge-share mechanisms in a remotely mode, but it brings also a good learning experience, increasing the effectiveness and the efficiency of the learning process.

┼×erban Camelia, Todericiu Ioana-Alexandra


artificial intelligence, e-learning, smart speakers, virtual learning environments