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In Neuroimaging clinics of North America

Acute ischemic stroke constitutes approximately 85% of strokes. Most strokes occur in community settings; thus, automatic algorithms techniques are attractive for managing these cases. This article reviews the use of deep learning convolutional neural networks in the management of ischemic stroke. Artificial intelligence-based algorithms may be used in patient triage to detect and sound the alarm based on early imaging, alert care teams, and assist in treatment selection. This article reviews algorithms for artificial intelligence techniques that may be used to detect and localize acute ischemic stroke. We describe artificial intelligence algorithms for these tasks and illustrate them with examples.

Gupta Rajiv, Krishnam Sanjith Prahas, Schaefer Pamela W, Lev Michael H, Gonzalez R Gilberto


Deep learning neural networks, Ischemic stroke, Ischemic stroke detection, Stroke, Stroke segmentation