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In Biomedical optics express

Typical optical coherence tomographic angiography (OCTA) acquisition areas on commercial devices are 3×3- or 6×6-mm. Compared to 3×3-mm angiograms with proper sampling density, 6×6-mm angiograms have significantly lower scan quality, with reduced signal-to-noise ratio and worse shadow artifacts due to undersampling. Here, we propose a deep-learning-based high-resolution angiogram reconstruction network (HARNet) to generate enhanced 6×6-mm superficial vascular complex (SVC) angiograms. The network was trained on data from 3×3-mm and 6×6-mm angiograms from the same eyes. The reconstructed 6×6-mm angiograms have significantly lower noise intensity, stronger contrast and better vascular connectivity than the original images. The algorithm did not generate false flow signal at the noise level presented by the original angiograms. The image enhancement produced by our algorithm may improve biomarker measurements and qualitative clinical assessment of 6×6-mm OCTA.

Gao Min, Guo Yukun, Hormel Tristan T, Sun Jiande, Hwang Thomas S, Jia Yali