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In Cognitive neurodynamics

Facial attractiveness is an important research direction of genetic psychology and cognitive psychology, and its results are significant for the study of face evolution and human evolution. However, previous studies have not put forward a comprehensive evaluation system of facial attractiveness. Traditionally, the establishment of facial attractiveness evaluation system was based on facial geometric features, without facial skin features. In this paper, combined with big data analysis, evaluation of face in real society and literature research, we found that skin also have a significant impact on facial attractiveness, because skin could reflect age, wrinkles and healthful qualities, thus affected the human perception of facial attractiveness. Therefore, we propose a comprehensive and novel facial attractiveness evaluation system based on face shape structural features, facial structure features and skin texture feature. In order to apply face shape structural features to the evaluation of facial attractiveness, the classification of face shape is the first step. Face image dataset is divided according to face shape, and then facial structure features and skin texture features that represent facial attractiveness are extracted and fused. The machine learning algorithm with the best prediction performance is selected in the face shape structural subsets to predict facial attractiveness. Experimental results show that the facial attractiveness evaluation performance can be improved by the method based on classification of face shape and multi-features fusion, the facial attractiveness scores obtained by the proposed system correlates better with human ratings. Our evaluation system can help people project their cognition of facial attractiveness into artificial agents they interact with.

Zhao Jian, Zhang Miao, He Chen, Xie Xie, Li Jiaming


Face shape, Facial attractiveness, Facial structure features, Features fusion, Skin texture feature