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In Planta medica ; h5-index 32.0

It is well known that biotransformation processes in the human body are crucial to form potentially bioactive metabolites from particular classes of natural products. However, little research has been conducted concerning the bioavailability of polyphenols, especially in the colon. The gastrointestinal stability and colonic biotransformation of the crude extract of the leaves of Cecropia obtusifolia, rich in flavone C-glycosides, was investigated under in vitro conditions, and the processing and interpretation of results were facilitated by using an automated machine learning model. This investigation revealed that flavone C-glycosides and flavonolignans from C. obtusifolia were stable throughout their passage in the simulated gastrointestinal tract including the colon phase. On the other hand, the colon bacteria extensively metabolized chlorogenic acid, flavonol, and triterpenoid O-glycosides. This investigation revealed that the colonic microbiota has an important role in the biotransformation of some chemical constituents of this extract.

Rivera-Mondragón Andrés, Peeters Laura, Van Anastasiader Auwera, Breynaert Annelies, Caballero-George Catherina, Pieters Luc, Hermans Nina, Foubert Kenn