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In Molecular genetics and genomics : MGG

Recent transcriptomics and bioinformatics studies have shown that ncRNAs can affect chromosome structure and gene transcription, participate in the epigenetic regulation, and take part in diseases such as tumorigenesis. Biologists have found that most ncRNAs usually work by interacting with the corresponding RNA-binding proteins. Therefore, ncRNA-protein interaction is a very popular study in both the biological and medical fields. However, due to the limitations of manual experiments in the laboratory, machine-learning methods for predicting ncRNA-protein interactions are increasingly favored by the researchers. In this review, we summarize several machine learning predictive models of ncRNA-protein interactions over the past few years, and briefly describe the characteristics of these machine learning models. In order to optimize the performance of machine learning models to better predict ncRNA-protein interactions, we give some promising future computational directions at the end.

Zhong Lin, Zhen Meiqin, Sun Jianqiang, Zhao Qi


Machine learning methods, Predictive models, Protein, ncRNA, ncRNA-protein interaction