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In ANZ journal of surgery

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the disruptive technologies of the fourth Industrial Revolution that is changing our work practices. This technology is in use in highly diverse industries including health care, defence, insurance and e-commerce. This review focuses on the relevance of AI to surgery. AI will aid surgeons with diagnostic decision-making, patient selection for surgery as well as improve patient pre- and post-operative care and management. Ethical considerations of AI with respect to patient rights and data privacy are highlighted. A further challenge is how best to present to national regulators a pragmatic way to assess AI as 'software as a medical device'. This relates to the ramifications for the adoption of AI technology in clinical practice, and its subsequent public funding support and reimbursement. It is evident that AI technology has important applications in surgery in the 21st century. The establishment of a key work programme in this area will be important if surgeons are to fully utilize AI in surgery.

Tan Lorwai, Tivey David, Kopunic Helena, Babidge Wendy, Langley Sally, Maddern Guy


artificial intelligence, machine learning, surgery