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In Forensic science, medicine, and pathology

The use of postmortem computed tomography in forensic medicine, in addition to conventional autopsy, is now a standard procedure in several countries. However, the large number of cases, the large amount of data, and the lack of postmortem radiology experts have pushed researchers to develop solutions that are able to automate diagnosis by applying deep learning techniques to postmortem computed tomography images. While deep learning techniques require a good understanding of image analysis and mathematical optimization, the goal of this review was to provide to the community of postmortem radiology experts the key concepts needed to assess the potential of such techniques and how they could impact their work.

Dobay Akos, Ford Jonathan, Decker Summer, Ampanozi Garyfalia, Franckenberg Sabine, Affolter Raffael, Sieberth Till, Ebert Lars C


Computed tomography, Convolutional neural networks, Deep learning, Forensic sciences, PMCT