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In Nucleic acids research ; h5-index 217.0

MicroRNAs (miRNAs) related single-nucleotide variations (SNVs), including single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and disease-related variations (DRVs) in miRNAs and miRNA-target binding sites, can affect miRNA functions and/or biogenesis, thus to impact on phenotypes. miRNASNP is a widely used database for miRNA-related SNPs and their effects. Here, we updated it to miRNASNP-v3 ( with tremendous number of SNVs and new features, especially the DRVs data. We analyzed the effects of 7 161 741 SNPs and 505 417 DRVs on 1897 pre-miRNAs (2630 mature miRNAs) and 3'UTRs of 18 152 genes. miRNASNP-v3 provides a one-stop resource for miRNA-related SNVs research with the following functions: (i) explore associations between miRNA-related SNPs/DRVs and diseases; (ii) browse the effects of SNPs/DRVs on miRNA-target binding; (iii) functional enrichment analysis of miRNA target gain/loss caused by SNPs/DRVs; (iv) investigate correlations between drug sensitivity and miRNA expression; (v) inquire expression profiles of miRNAs and their targets in cancers; (vi) browse the effects of SNPs/DRVs on pre-miRNA secondary structure changes; and (vii) predict the effects of user-defined variations on miRNA-target binding or pre-miRNA secondary structure. miRNASNP-v3 is a valuable and long-term supported resource in functional variation screening and miRNA function studies.

Liu Chun-Jie, Fu Xin, Xia Mengxuan, Zhang Qiong, Gu Zhifeng, Guo An-Yuan