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In Journal of assisted reproduction and genetics ; h5-index 39.0

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been proposed as a potential tool to help address many of the existing problems related with empirical or subjective assessments of clinical and embryological decision points during the treatment of infertility. AI technologies are reviewed and potential areas of implementation of algorithms are discussed, highlighting the importance of following a proper path for the development and validation of algorithms, including regulatory requirements, and the need for ecosystems containing enough quality data to generate it. As evidenced by the consensus of a group of experts in fertility if properly developed, it is believed that AI algorithms may help practitioners from around the globe to standardize, automate, and improve IVF outcomes for the benefit of patients. Collaboration is required between AI developers and healthcare professionals to make this happen.

Swain Jason, VerMilyea Matthew Tex, Meseguer Marcos, Ezcurra Diego


AI, algorithms, embryos, fertility