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In Neuroinformatics

The volumetric assessment and accurate grading of meningiomas before surgery are highly relevant for therapy planning and prognosis prediction. This study was to design a deep learning algorithm and evaluate the performance in detecting meningioma lesions and grade classification. In total, 5088 patients with histopathologically confirmed meningioma were retrospectively included. The pyramid scene parsing network (PSPNet) was trained to automatically detect and delineate the meningiomas. The results were compared to manual segmentations by evaluating the mean intersection over union (mIoU). The performance of grade classification was evaluated by accuracy. For the automated detection and segmentation of meningiomas, the mean pixel accuracy, tumor accuracy, background accuracy and mIoU were 99.68%, 81.36%, 99.88% and 81.36% for all patients; 99.52%, 84.86%, 99.93% and 84.86% for grade I meningiomas; 99.57%, 80.11%, 99.92% and 80.12% for grade II meningiomas; and 99.75%, 78.40%, 99.99% and 78.40% for grade III meningiomas, respectively. For grade classification, the accuracy values of the training and test datasets were 99.93% and 81.52% for all patients; 99.98% and 98.51% for grade I meningiomas; 99.91% and 66.67% for grade II meningiomas; and 99.88% and 73.91% for grade III meningiomas, respectively. The automated detection, segmentation and grade classification of meningiomas based on deep learning were accurate and reliable and may improve the monitoring and treatment of this frequently occurring tumor entity. Furthermore, the method could function as a useful tool for preassessment and preselection for radiologists, offering auxiliary information for clinical decision making in presurgical evaluation.

Zhang Hua, Mo Jiajie, Jiang Han, Li Zhuyun, Hu Wenhan, Zhang Chao, Wang Yao, Wang Xiu, Liu Chang, Zhao Baotian, Zhang Jianguo, Zhang Kai


Deep learning, Delineation, Grade classification, Meningiomas, PSPNet